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Louisiana Kashrut Committee
How to Obtain Kosher Certification
At Louisiana Kosher Committee, we are proud that we have almost 100 percent 
customer satisfaction in regard to our customer service and fees.





​Apply Online

Submit your factory details and your line of products via e-mail, with the form provided. An LKC representative will contact you in a timely manner.

Apply online

Complete Application Form

We will contact you by phone for a free consultation to assist you with the application form and to discuss your ingredients and products, as well as your prospects for kosher certification.

Initial Visit to Your Production Plant

Based upon the information collected from your application form, the LKC will set up an appointment at your convenience to visit your production facility. The purpose of the inspection is to learn about the ingredients and manufacturing equipment used in your production process and in your facility.

Post-Visit Analysis of Process and Ingredients

Evaluation and approval by the LKC staff will follow a thorough inspection of your process and the ingredients in your formulas. Some change of suppliers and/or ingredients may be needed and some equipment kasherized before going kosher.

Finalization of the Kosher Certification Agreement

Upon confirmation of compliance with all the kosher requirements, the details of supervision and financial obligations will be finalized. Your annual fee will be based on the amount of work required by the LKC. A Letter of Certification (LOC) will be issued. The Kosher symbol may then be applied to the certified products that you produce.