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Louisiana Kashrut Committee
Minyan & Local Info
Daily Minyan

Morning:                                                                            Afternoon:
                               6:30am weekdays                                                       5 minutes before candle-lighting time
                   Chabad Jewish Center, Metairie                                               Chabad Jewish Center, Metairie
                         4141 W Esplanade Ave                                                                    4141 W Esplanade Ave

                               7am weekdays
                   Chabad House of New Orleans
                                  7037 Freret St.
    mendel@chabadneworleans.com / www.chabadneworleans.com                                       rabbi@jewishlouisiana.com / www.jewishlouisiana.com

Sunday morning: 8am, at Chabad New Orleans and Chabad Metairie (info above)

Daily "Zemanim" - Halachic Times - Calendar

For local Halachic times, click here.

Shabbat Orthodox Minyonim*

  • Chabad Jewish Center and Chabad house (information above)
  • Anshei Sefard - New Orleans, 2230 Carondelet Street, 504-522-4714
  • Congregation Beth Israel - Metairie, 4000 West Esplanade Ave, 504-454-5080

*Shabbat Hospitality: available in Metairie - rabbi@jewishlouisiana.com, and Uptown - mendel@chabadneworleans.com.​

Women's Mikvah

In New Orleans, we have a brand new, beautiful women's mikvah.
For appointments or info, please contact Mikvah@chabadneworleans.com, or visit www.chabadneworleans.com/mikvah.

*There is also a Men's Mikvah available. 
For details, contact rabbi@jewishlouisiana.com / mendel@chabadneworleans.com.

For upcoming events, 
go to www.jewishlouisiana.com or www.chabadneworleans.com.

For a full list of Jewish organizations and other info, 
go to the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans website: www.jewishnola.com.