The Louisiana Kosher Committee – LKC - is a community service organization whose mission is the maintenance of a high level of quality Kosher supervision. It is composed of Rabbis and lay leaders, providing kosher certification and supervision for caterers, wholesale and retail food vendors and food production companies in Louisiana and the Gulf South.

    The LKC was founded in 2000 by a cross-section of kosher-observant people in the New Orleans area. Currently, the LKC supervises two local eating establishments, as well as many food and chemical production facilities. We have also supervised over eighty events at numerous local hotels and institutions. (See our client list here) In addition, LKC Rabbis coordinate with international kosher agencies (such as the OU,OK, Kof-K, Star-K) to supervise most of the kosher food production in the Gulf South. 

    * The placement of the LKC Kosher symbol or Kosher letter on a product insures the consumer that it was produced under the highest standards of kosher certification.

Our services include​:
1. Initial inspection of the plant facility
2. Recommendations to bring the facility into compliance with kosher rules.
3. Certification and ongoing monitoring of the facility
4. Assisting companies to become certified with the national Kosher agencies, helping our clients understand when they will most benefit from LKC certification and when to go with a national agency.

LKC is held in the highest regard internationally and is accepted by all major Kashrut agencies. The LKC is listed among major kosher information bureaus on the web, such as   

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Louisiana Kashrut Committee
About Us
Our Staff

Rabbi Yossie Nemes
Rabbinic Administrator of the LKC

Rabbi Nemes is the executive director of the Chabad Jewish Center of New Orleans. He has called New Orleans home for close to two decades and lives with his wife, Chanie, and eight children in Metairie. Rabbi Nemes received rabbinical ordination from Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch, in New York City, and is a member of various respected rabbinic organizations.

Rabbi Mendy Shechter
Rabbinic Supervisor 

Rabbi Schechter serves as our primary Rabbinic supervisor, specializing in food service Kosher. Rabbi Mendy has years of experience in running the kosher side of large events at hotels and has also overseen many special runs at food production facilities.

Our administrative assistant is the great Libby Nemes. Her office hours are, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:15am – 1:00pm.